AZAS CONSTRUCTIONS P.C. operates in the sectors of luxury hotels and tourist residences, luxury houses and business spaces. The company’s expertise and experience ensure that every project gets approached according to its distinctive characteristics and to the needs of its identity. Yet, whatever the endeavor, one can identify a common thread into the way AZAS CONSTRUCTIONS P.C. handles it: It is the focus on quality, the adoption of all latest standards and specifications, and – mostly – the prioritization of people’s needs, whether they are professionals, clients and vacationers, or residents with a unique personality.

Luxury Residences

When constructing or renovating private luxury residences, taking account of personal aesthetics and feelings is highly important, since these spaces are meant to host the client’s private life. AZAS CONSTRUCTIONS P.C. is careful to harmonically combine these features with functionality and construction excellence – in every project.

Business Spaces

Supporting professionals by taking on the constructing of their business space requires respect to their budget and planning – apart from deep knowledge of the specific technical requirements, and besides prioritization of functionality. AZAS CONSTRUCTIONS P.C. seriously keeps in mind the needs of every professional, along with the understanding that the on-time and on-budget delivery of a project is deeply connected to the very existence and success of the client’s business.

Luxury Hotels – Tourist Residences

In this competitive field, the objective lies in the combination of high aesthetics, top-notch quality of construction, and functionality, so that business owners as well as customers of an accommodation establishment are equally pleased. With its technical expertise and experience, AZAS CONSTRUCTIONS P.C. achieves this important balance in an ideal way.